Fritz is a London based commercial photographer. His photographic journey started in 2008. Moved to Malta in 2012 and worked as fulltime photographer since 2014.   He is into Architecture and cooperate photography. To note is his outstanding aerial work. His production process is efficient and fast.  Whether it’s architectural exterior or interior photos or shots for your social media, advertisements or corporate literature, Fritz can provide everything you need. Fritz has worked for companies such as Google, Samsung and Vodafone.


Can't get enough of those beautiful views


Born in Germany in 1975. Dreamer. Realist. Traveller. 

Love the outdoors, Mountainbiking and Trekking.

UK (Surrey Hills) based commercial photographer. My photographic journey started in 2008.

I am into everything you can see on my pages. That is architecture, wedding, sports, drone, portrait and cooperate photography. My production process is efficient and fast.

To see more of my work it is best to check out my social media too. Links are on the bottom.


A passion I developed from a very young age. Everything offroad fascinates me.