Adriana & Alan celebrated a civil wedding on 31st of March. The venue was a farmhouse close to Siggiewi.

The couple was dressed in a colorful Indian style. The ceremony had to take place in front of the gate of the venue because it is the law that a marriage can only be carried out on public ground. After the ceremony the guests moved to the pool area where the congratulations took place and nibbles were served. The sun was mixed with clouds and everybody enjoyed the first sunbeams.

Adriana and Alan run the business Anurakti which is about vegan food, vegan cakes and all gluten free as well. They catered for their own wedding. Soon some Indian food was served in a big tent where the guests had space to sit down, mingle and the kids could play.

Time was passing by quickly and so the fresh married couple invited to dance before the cake was cut. Everybody enjoyed the cake and soon the big day came to the end. I think everybody will memorize this day as a very special and different one.

At the end of this article a Youtube Diashow with some more photos

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