Valeria Paldino

_D701690PSShooting with Valeria at two locations

Like most photo-shoots, the first thing we did is get Valeria got all dolled up before the shoot. Sarah applied her make-up and helped throughout the shoot so that everything would go flawlessly. The funny thing about working with both Valeria and Sarah, is that we communicate in different  languages so it was like a multi lingual event. Valeria speaks German, Italian and English, Sarah speaks Maltese, Italian and English and me German and English. So you can imagine the whirlwind of languages being talked at the same time. The girl chatted and connected pretty easily and I have to agree that Sarah did a pretty good job. As Valeria was happy with her make-up, we headed for our first shooting location, which is a pretty garden close to Valletta. The garden offers some nice views of the sea and the harbor, let alone the beautiful greenery Malta has to offer. It was a beautiful sunny day but being that it was still winter, It was very windy, so Sarah kindly held my light stands to avoid any mishaps. She also did some make-up retouches were there was needed throughout the photo-shoot. After a great hour of photo shooting we changed the location to the docks. The location has some cool backdrops which help to create some amazing images. The industrial environment of ships and metal make a nice contrast with the great looking model like Valeria.

Make up by Sarah-Jane. Visit her page