At 10th February 2018 a ship stranded in Malta. Ironically that’s the public holiday of St Paul who stranded nearby 59 AD.

The shipwreck was a nice subject to photograph as this is a rare sight in Malta. Here a couple of photos and how I photographed them.

This photo is taken right after sunset. It was very windy this evening and the waves were crashing against the ship which resulted in loud noises coming from the steel body of the ship. The water sprayed over the ship which can be seen in that photo, though it is a long exposure and the water spray looks like fog. ISO1000, f4, 28mm, 20sec, single shot.

You will notice that the exposure time is in all photos the same. By not exceeding 20 sec. I can be sure that there is no movement in the stars to be seen. With a longer exposure time you would see star trails. The focus I set manual because my camera wasn’t able to find focus, it was already too dark.

ISO1000, f4, 16mm, 20sec, single shot

ISO3200, f4, 26mm, 20sec, single shot

ISO3200, f4, 24mm, 20sec, single shot

This photo is taken before sunrise. Actually it’s two photos blended together. In the first shot I expose for my main subject, which is obviously the ship and in the second shot I expose for the sky. Later I blend these images in post. ISO100, f6.3, 3sec/ 0.4sec 31mm

This is also a blended photo. The difference to the previous photo is that I used here much longer exposure times. To be able to do so I used a ND filter. Through the use of a filter not just the water becomes more smooth but also the movements of the clouds can be seen differently. ISO64, f5, 119sec/200sec, 24mm

Blended from two photos at sunrise. Important for that photo is that the I get this star effect around the sun. This depends on the design and number of blades in your lens and the aperture you use. I use f16 and usually don’t go higher to remain the image quality. ISO64, f16, 0.4sec/ 1/25sec, 16mm

A photo taken from further away to get a bit another look mainly through the compression. ISO64, f8, 1/100sec 86mm, single shot

The next morning the storm calmed down so it was possible to get closer without getting soaked. These fisheye photos are all taken handheld. I made sure to shoot levelled not to get too much distortion. ISO64, f4, 1/100sec, 16mm fisheye

ISO64, f4, 1/160sec, 16mm fisheye

ISO64, f4, 1/250sec, 16mm fisheye

ISO64, f4, 1/100sec, 16mm fisheye

This photo looks like daylight but is taken just before sunrise. ISO100 f6.3 13sec 35mm, single shot.

Some aerial photos

And here a 360 out of one of my favourite toys.