Rolex Middle Sea Race

Maritime is the subject this time with the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

The start of the race was in the Grand Harbor of Valletta and I had the opportunity to take photos from a small boat which can follow the sailing yachts and come very close to them. I was very excited because never before I took Maritime photos but thanks to a friend who trusts in my skills and likes my photographic style I was given this unique opportunity.

Equipped with two cameras I went to the Malta Royal Yacht Club very early in morning. When I arrived there at 6:30am it was still dark and very quite so I set up my tripod and took several shoots of the parked boats. At around 8:30am I went on a small rig together with another professional Photographer from Portugal. I think his name was Pablo. Then there was our driver and two other guys. We went into the big harbor and waited for the sailing boats to come in and warm up for the race. During that I got the first feeling about taking photos from a boat. The sea was quite but anyway there was plenty of movement and it wasn’t easy to focus and shoot.

The Yacht’s started from 11am every 10 minutes, overall there were five starts. The wind was very weak and the first start group got stuck together in the middle of the harbor. We could here a lot of shouting from the Yards as they glued almost to each other. With the next starts there was a slightly brise and the boats could make their way out of Valletta’s grand Harbor. During the starts of this five groups we remained in the harbor and went up and down. I took many shots in the harbor and the scenery with Valletta on one site and the Three Cities on the other is just wow.

The fifth start group we followed out of the harbor into the open sea and started to chase the yacht’s. Here it was more challenging to get the shots wanted as the sea was rougher and we were going fast. It was stunning to see the sailing boats cutting through the water, so calm and fast. After a while of chasing and shooting we made our way back to the Yacht Club.

After all I can say it was a nice experience and I am glad that the motion pills worked so well. I would love to take this opportunity again.

Back home I started to edit the photos immediately and upload them on a Facebook page I created quickly. Facebook Page

All information and always up to date are on this website:

As well I made a short video which is at the end of this article.


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