A winter adventure on the African continent. Who would think it would be cold in Morocco. There are the Atlas Mountains which are the highest in north Africa. Our aim was to climb Mount Toubkal with it’s 4167m.

We were a small group of three, a Hungarian, a Maltese and a German. Booked a tour of 6 days which was splitted in 5 days trekking and one day Marrakesh.

When we arrived in Marrakesh we got picked up by tour guide Abdellha and a driver who took us to a mountain village called Imlil which we reached after a 1.5 hours drive.

We moved in a guesthouse which was freezing cold, I think inside temperature was the same as outside and we were the only guests. We met this evening our guide Mohamed and our cook Lassen who spoilt us with a nice meal while we discussed the coming days with the guides.

Glad we had good sleeping bags but still we woke up with cold noses.

For our first trekking day the tour was up to a pass and back to Imlil. The weather was great, cold but sunshine and while walking uphill we stripped of layer after layer. After 6 hours we were back at the guesthouse and did another walk through the village and surroundings before dinner. We got an impression about the life in the village and saw some Berber shops, where they sell carpets, Argan oil and other stuff. Unfortunately no flying carpets even the prices did let me assume that they can.

Lassen prepared again a nice and healthy meal for us and I dared to have a shower this evening. The shower was warm but not hot so it felt terrible cold in this house. There was besides a small gas stove no heating at all. Think twice before you decide to go there in winter.

On the second trekking day we walked to the refugee Toubcal, also called basecamp. For lunch we stopped at a couple of huts where Lassen prepared us some food. From that point the snow started and as we were on the last 2 hours to the hut it started snowing which made walking more tiring. It was almost dark when we reached the refugee where a fireplace made the hut cosy warm. Next day summit but the weather didn’t allow it. It was snowing over night and a nasty wind was blowing by -18 degrees. Because of this conditions there was no chance to climb Toubkal so we decided to go back down with other trekkers. The first two hours were hard because there was no path and the wind blew the snow very unpleasant in our faces. Further down the sun came out and we had lunch at the same place as the day before.

We trekked back to Imlil but moved into another guesthouse which felt a bit less cold but still cold. The coming day one of us got sick and had to spent the whole day in bed while we remaining two were going for a trek to another pass together with Mohamed, Lassen and the Mule which carried the kitchen and food. After 4 days trekking and one sick trekker we decided to go to Marrakesh a day before the original plan. After five days without phone and any internet back to the civilization was a shock at first. The second day Marrakesh was more relaxed and we did some sightseeing. Closing the trekking holiday with a good traditional meal and many nice memories and photos. The Atlas mountains are beautiful and I want to return in a warmer month.

That’s were we booked the tour and was a good experience: Toubkal-Explore

Here a few 360’s I took