Mdina is one of the most popular cities in Malta. It is called the silent city but the only time it is silent in Mdina is at night or very early morning.

My first solo exhibition took place in Mdina at the Palazzo de Piro

An article about my exhibition you find here:

More information about Mdina here:

This is an aerial view of Mdina taken right after sunset. In the background to the right is Rabat

Very similar to the first one but I moved a bit closer and lower for this shot. 

These two photos show some typical streets in Mdina. Taken at the blue hour.

The city gate to Mdina in the early morning hours

The ditch of Mdina. The green garden behind the bastion belongs to the restaurant Baccus. To the right side the entrance to Mdina

Photo shoots in Mdina are popular

Mdina has beautiful doors and door knockers

The cathedral of Mdina