In the last month I included aerial 360 photos and drone photos to my portfolio and want to introduce you to these kind of images, what they can be used for and advantage they can have.

In simple terms I call it 360 photos but actually it is a sphere because you can not only look 360 degrees around but also up and down. These photos are created either with a special 360 camera or with many single photos and then stitched together in post. I use both techniques and decide from case to case in regards of the image quality I want. 360 photos are mainly used for Google maps and will be assigned to a specific location and Google business profile. These panoramas allow people to have a very good impression of a place and attracts clients also because of a better Google ranking. Means having 360 photos assigned to your business brings your page more forward in the Google search.  I am a certified Google Streetview photographer.

As well these panoramas can be used on Facebook.

These panoramas can be done from the ground and from the air. Here some examples.


Drone photos taken from the air give the viewer a different perspective

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